#WhyDoPeopleThinkItsOkayTo replace letters in words with numbers….well now i don’t feel like reading the math equation you just sent me

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There should be an “oh my god, shut up already” button.


Keanu Reeves watching a Keanu Reeves movie trying to figure out how he’s in two places at once.


how to beat an egg:
– literally pick any game you want, they dont even have hands


Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings. It’s always the same angel. It’s covered in wings now and wants to die but can’t


5: I’m bad at this puzzle

Me: you’re trying your best! Mommy has a hard time with that one too!

5: yeah, because you’re bad at it


I’m going to make a secret pornography organization called The Illuminaughty.


To all the “cougars” out there, shame on you for not calling yourselves “Thundercats” shame. on. you.


My stepson and his friend are driving around in my car. If he wrecks it, I have insurance. If he plays Nickelback in it, I’ll murder him.


This is probably going to sound really gay, but the sunset is GORGEOUS right now and I love making out with dudes.