You are what you eat.
*eats Ryan Gosling*
*crosses fingers*

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Hey tampon makers, can I get a silent tampon wrapper please? Sounds like I’m opening a bag of Sun Chips up in here.


My son was loudly barking like a dog in the other room and I told my husband to go take care of it and now there’s 2 people loudly barking like dogs.


pharaoh: make my tomb a giant triangle

architect: ah yes, the triangle shape is strong and sturdy & the sides will be sloped so you can symbolically climb into the afterlife

pharaoh: [thinking about using it as a giant slide] yes


Marsupials have pouches and the good manners to keep children out of sight.


I just got mistaken for an employee at a haunted house. Assume it’s because I look authoritative not because I look like I’m wearing a mask.


A good wedding prank is to say “I do” but just before the priest pronounces you man and wife, add “…karate.”


You know you spend too much time with your kids when there’s Sesame Street music in your head while mentally undressing women.


“The rules are quite simple, Mr Bond: I think of a word, you guess letters in that word. If you guess wrong I draw a picture a man hanging.”


There’s no way you can prove to me that pterodactyls didn’t pronounce the p


2017: It can’t get worse than this

DAY ONE, 2018: A YouTube star filmed a dead body for entertainment