You know what celebrity they should get for Dancing With the Stars? That plastic bag from American Beauty.

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According to the Internet:

Xbox One
– $500.
– Weaker hardware.
– Mandatory daily check-in.
– Requires Kinect.
– DRM.

– Cures cancer.


Meets girl at bar.
Takes her to Ikea.

Quickly learns the difference between one-night stand and one nightstand.


I forgot that I ate that chocolate. So can I have another one?

~ kid logic


Diving is a sport cuz some people are really good at jumping into water.


My 7 yr. old thought it would be really funny to hold up a sign in the back window of the car that said “HELP ME!”. It was not.


Facebook friend: If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you-


Snakes are terrifying because they can’t trip and fall over shit. No creature should possess such power.


This day in history. 1967. Ed Sullivan made the Rolling Stones change the lyric “Let’s spend the night together” to the more family friendly “Let’s go back to my place boink boink boinkity-boink.”