My dad’s visiting soon, which means I need to practice apologizing to waiters with my eyes.

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*comes back with wife’s purse*
w: I said don’t run or people will think you stole it! How many times did you get tackled?
m:[bleeding] Twice


Want to make a nerd’s head explode? Go to any site that posted the new Star Wars trailer & write “Where’s Captain Kirk?” in the comments.


Walked outside to say hello to the owl and the neighbor thought I was saying hi to him.
If you think a woman is speaking to you, look around and make sure she isn’t talking into a tree. She is probably actually speaking to an owl.


“Treat her like a princess” everybody said.

Then they get mad when I marry her off to a cousin from a neighboring country for political gain.


*Buys Samsung smart fridge. Opens app every 15 minutes to see if there’s anything good in there*


My superpower is turning “never again” to “ok, one more time”


[Red Lobster]
Waiter: we’re offering Endless Shrimp.
Me: bring me the endless shrimp
<5 days later>
Waiter: please leave, I have a family


Sometimes after a long hard day at work, it takes me 4 bars to get home


Customer: Why do you own a hot dog stand when you draw and write?

Me: Wanna buy my book?

Them: No.

Me: That’s why I own a hot dog stand.


The right response to “I’m a bit tied up at the moment” isn’t “what are you wearing?”