rival dad next door thinks he has the best lawn but joke’s on him because i just sold my house to a professional landscaper. CHECKMATE.

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DOMINOS PIZZA TRACKER: Your pizza was just flushed down the toilet!
MICHELANGELO: oh hell yeah


Who wants to hear about my father’s colonoscopy? He apparently thought I did.


I just unlocked the “My House Was Robbed Because I Checked in on Foursquare” badge on Foursquare!


whoa, 4 ferrets stacked on top of one another wearing a trenchcoat!

“no, it’s me devin, from high school?”

wow ok you did not age well


My pet name for my manhood, for obvious reasons, is Whitesnake…You know, cuz… “Here I go again on my own”.


[watching basketball]

I bet these guys all have really big *husband stares at me* feet.

And that’s how you get him to turn off the game.


[2000 years ago]
jesus: merry christmas
stranger: what?
jesus: just say it back i’m trying to start a thing


Urgent: do vampires need to be invited into each individual apartment in a building or do they just need to get in the lobby?