Girl: So, how many inches is it?
Pat: How many inches is what?
G: You know..
P: Uhhh, about 200 dollars long.
G: OMG, It’s so big!

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me: what kind of plane do you fly?
pilot: private.
me: it’s ok i won’t tell anyone.


Welcome to college! Here’s a list of our majors. Here’s a list of majors that lead to unemployment. As you can see, both lists are the same.


If I’m napping in my car, don’t wake me up

unless I’m driving


Parents: When you finish the chores will you please look for a job.

Me: [painting the cat’s claws] Still a lot to do unfortunately.


[runs into friends with baby]


Friends:*picks up baby* wanna hold him?

Me:*kneeled next to dog* what?


I became a Veterinary Assistant because I’m always covered in dog hair and wear pajamas all day anyway


*panics during bank robbery*
“Uhhhh hi yeah I’d like to put this gun in my safety deposit box”


Dear Diary,

– I killed a man today. It felt AMAZING.
– Dad’s screwing his assistant.
– My sister’s PREGNANT!
– Stop reading my diary, Mom.