Grandmother: “So what is Skype?”

*Explains in great detail on how it works*

“So do I need a computer for it?”

“I JUST…how’s your cat?”

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Sat next to a cute family at church yesterday. The little girl yells, mom I smell beer! It’s not beer it’s whiskey. Read a book stupid kid.


Didn’t think my children listened at all but my 3yo shouted from the back seat, “these people don’t know how to drive!” so now I know he listens to his Dad.


Just said “No you can’t have an apple because you’ll spoil the pizza that’s being delivered very soon.”

I shouldn’t be allowed to parent.


*being abducted by aliens*

Hey thanks guys it was getting pretty rough down there. What we got goin’ on, snack-wise?


Don’t hand me the good china. That’s a leap of faith you’ll regret.


I always wanted to be on Family Feud but there were never 5 people in my family speaking to each other at one time.


Warning to friends:
If you piss me off I’ll put a for sale sign in my yard and list your phone number to call for inquiries.


{to my new cat} i need you to kill this rat. u are the king of the jungle. u got this homie

{after watching an episode of tom and jerry} forget everything i just said. stay away from that rat. he’s going to kill you with a piano.


Cabin 1: *coughs

Cabin 2: What’s the matter with him?

Cabin 3: Cabin Fever.