I bring our baby to the bar so I can throw her at people and slurp down their cocktails while they’re trying to catch her.

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My ex texted “You’ve got a friend in me. XoXo”.

I thought she was being too nice until I realized that she was talking about my buddy Dave.


Every spider has the same powers as Spiderman, yet none of them choose to be superheroes. This is everything you need to know about spiders.


Partner: It’s either me or the abroad scholarship. Choose

Me: I pick u…

Partner: I knew you lov…

Me: …nited airlines


My friend was like “hey bring some cd’s to listen to on the trip” and I was like “where are we going, 2001?”


I didn’t get a chance to do yoga this morning or any other morning of my life.



Hey you,

Yeah you…Facebook parent. Your kid looks the same as it did 8 minutes ago. When you posted the other 45 pics. We get it


The Goonies went looking for pirate treasure and ended up finding the greatest treasure of all: pirate treasure.


Currently accomplishing an astonishing amount of nothing, at a blistering rate.