In the car and passed by a cop and my 12 year old says “everyone be cool! Act normal!”

Expecting that Father of the Year award any day now

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When your bio says “No DMs,” I wanna DM you SO BAD and just say:



Pro Tip for the ladies. Ask him to show you where the “jack thingy” is at in the trunk and when he shows you..

That’s when you push him in.


I spent $500 on that Harvard application, damn right I framed the rejection letter.


[unhooks bra on 3rd try]
“Sir, please don’t touch the mannequins.”


I want to cover you in expensive things like gasoline.


“building-building building building building-building building”

(translatiom: structur-making tower makimg another structure-making tower)


If you send multiple one sentence texts, I will mail a raccoon to your face I’m not kidding.