You know you’re getting old when you sound like a women’s tennis match just trying to get out of bed.

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Before marriage: fantasizes spending life together.

After marriage: fantasizes spending life insurance alone.


me: pls don’t do that
kids: [do it anyway]
me: I told you not to do that
kids: are you new


I really showed that Rubik’s Cube who’s unemployed.


If you don’t want to play with me I’ll just play with myself!

– Overheard in 2nd grade today… Me too kid, me too.


I was in a band called Click Bait. You won’t believe the kind of music we recorded. Track number 5 will blow your mind.


My family doesn’t have a swear jar, but we do have a totes perf jar. If you say totes or perf, we throw a jar at you


I enjoy learning about the world by watching the Olympics. So far I’ve learned that Canada ISN’T the only country that participates in curling.


“What if a third team came and attacked these two teams?” – my daughter, not understanding football/making football more awesome


If I was a ghost, I’d write “Happy Birthday” in blood on your wall for your birthday, cuz you may be cursed, but it’s still your birthday.


No thanks Audi; I get all the uncompromised luxury I can handle by driving whatever car my wife thinks makes me look the most married.