Alright pregnant ladies-this is YOUR BIG DAY!!!!!!


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If any of you have 3 hours to kill our youngest has a great story about how she picked her favorite color.


(Ad for a baby)
• gently used
• can’t even kill you
• doesn’t shed
• poops on a learning curve
• goes from 0-60 in roughly 60 years


A public stoning, but it’s just a group of people throwing donut holes at me


‘Pumpkin’ has got to be the weirdest pet name. How do you look at the person you cherish and adore and decide to call them the second largest squash in North America?


[phone rings]
Hi, is your refrigerator running?
…well Hillary is! Hi, I’d like to talk to you about the Clinton campaign.


[100 year old man on job interview]

“Do you have any references?”

Sure, hold on. *pulls out Ouija board*


ME: The plane has wifi? Sweet, I’m going to Skype call that radio psychic.

RADIO PSYCHIC: Go ahead caller, you’re on the air



Me: Go to bed

5-year-old: One more question

Me: Fine

5: Who would win if Luke Skywalker fought Harry Potter?



Me: Get some coffee


MY CAT (checking her watch urgently): 3:30am? oh heavens I was almost late for parkouring loudly about the house


Grandpa: Music today is terrible

Me: Here, try this *hands him iPod*

Grandpa: Fine *slides iPod into tape deck*