[On phone with circus]

Hannibal: “I’m wanna ask about the job”

Ringmaster: “OK. So we just fire you into a net. Then you stand up, wave. That’s it”

Hannibal: “When do I eat the human flesh?”

Ringmaster: “Uh? Are we talking about the Human Cannonball job?”

Hannibal: *hangs up

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The Cheesecake Factory is finally coming to Canada!

…now I can stop being so nice to the Americans.


Being a wife and mom is kind of like being a lawyer, everyone hates you until they need you


If Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner taught me one thing it’s that when someone is mildly annoying you should devote the remainder of your life to destroying them.


How’s adulting going for me today u ask?

Well,I just spend 20 minutes looking for my phone in my car

While using my phone as a flashlight.


Not to brag, but I can cure a man of having a thing for me in five minutes flat.


[camera store]
Luke: I’d like to buy a tripod.
Yoda: There are only do-pods and do-not-pods.


Please look at this text I just received from my boyfriend and yes you have the same amount of context as I do


Maybe if we didn’t spend SO much time throwing gang signs we could’ve started this baking class on time


Heroes and Herpes are just one tiny letter different, and other things I find out when I’m not wearing my glasses.