How often do I make chemistry jokes? Periodically.

I actually told one the other day. There was no reaction…

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Wordle



Never had a gay thought in my life but when Daniel Craig jumps onto the back of the train & adjusts his cuff I now kind of get it.


Girlfriend mentioned she was lacking iron in her diet.

I gave her all my wrinkled shirts.

And that’s how the fight started.


A good way to mess with a jogger is to run up along side them and say “I think we lost them.”


Me: hello I’ve run out of toilet paper

Front desk: oh I’m sorry for the inconvenience

Me: oh no worries, but I’ve also run out of towels


I’ve found that nowadays most people don’t like holding hands in public.

Especially if you don’t know them.


A pregnant girl from my high school made her unborn child a Facebook and added me as a friend. I AM FRIENDS WITH AN EMBRYO YOU GUYS.