I know blood in horror movies is just corn syrup, but it’s still terrifying because at this point, that’s basically all my blood is

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lawyer: just say you were with a friend

me: ok

cop: where were you that night?

me: robbing the house *winking at my lawyer* with my friend


JUDGE: Bourgeoisie
ME: Really? W o w
JUDGE: *annoyed* Sir, the word is Bourgeoisie
ME:*clears throat* Eff – U – See – Kay – U


Oh sure, a guy spends 3 days in complete isolation and when he comes out, they call him “messiah”, but when I do it, they call it “job abandonment”.


Date – “I must admit, this is a really nice restaurant”
Me – 😎

Date – “why did you say sunglasses emoji?”


hitman: who am I killing?

dog: ever hear of a guy named pavlov?

hitman: rings a bell

dog: that’s right


My ID expired so I can only go to the liquor store where they remember me: the one where I asked the cashier out and threw up on the floor.


[picks up hitchhiker]
“Hope ur not a mass murderer. Haha”

Actually I am.




I’m technically a serial killer.