Me: If you pay a mime enough, they’ll talk

The other mimes at the protest: [visibly furious]

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Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, because you’ll never get that job.


Give a girl a fish & she’s like “are u retarded?” Teach a girl to fish & she’s all “i only invited u to my party cause our moms are friends”


Never kick a porcupine wearing flip flops. Cause they’re obviously on vacation and why ruin their holiday?


Why are hemorrhoid and diarrhea so hard to spell? Like if you’re talking about them, you aren’t having a rough enough time already.


Wife smelled eggs and thought I was bringing her breakfast in bed. How do I tell her it was just me with gas?!


Speed 3: Waitress has to keep talking about the day’s specials or the entire restaurant explodes.


Don’t bore a girl by saying she’s beautiful, like every other shallow creep

Grab her interest by saving her from a staged hostage situation