So, #Dorners ID was found in San Diego a week ago and then unmelted in the burned down cabin? sounds legit.

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“It’s pronounced poor-shah, not por-shh.”
“Ok, got it doo-shah.”


Double cheeseburgers don’t make you fat, eating them does.


Just received an email listing 5 ways to prevent divorce. ‘Don’t get married’ wasn’t on there. Or ‘murder.’ Stupid list.


Holy shit, I just saw my ex sister in-law get punched in the face eleven times with my fist!


A really effective car insurance ad would just show pics of Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes and say: Because these girls have licenses.


First, there was Planking, then Owling and Milking, now there’s Harlem Shaking. If the next trend could be Thinking, that would be great.


Yesterday I taught my boss to play Angry Birds. Today, she “couldn’t make it in to work.” This is called managing upwards, people.


Pro tip:

If you bring her flowers to apologize, don’t bring them in a vase.

She might still be pissed. No sense in arming her.


Women. Can’t live with em, can’t live without titties.