“Mr Bay, please stop doing this every time you see a car crash”

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She: why are you dressed up as a duck?
Me: did you know people feed ducks in the park?


“You’re not so tough now, are you, Batman?”

~ Drunk guy who punched a nun.


According to a recent survey, 100% of HR agree that I’m not allowed to take money out of the swear jar to throw at my co-workers.


YOU: I murdered someone.

YOUR DOG: I’m totally cool with that. I love you.


YOU: I murdered someone.

YOUR CAT: Me too.


Kid: “I want to be a doctor when I grow up.”

Mom: “You can’t. Your hands aren’t cold enough.”


If I wasn’t supposed to have vodka for breakfast they shouldn’t have made it taste so good with orange juice.


“My ex was a great wife, mom & never once complained once about ass to mouth” was apparently not an acceptable speech when she remarried?


BREAKING: California becomes first state to ban plastic bags.

People who love picking up dog shit with their bare hands rejoice.


[Me flirting with a twenty something]

Him: When last did you get lit?

Me: This morning. It was really sunny so I was well illuminated.


Spoiler alert: Doctor Strange could not become a Sorcerer Supreme until he learned to like sour cream.