Folks have it easy today. If they need to see how to spell a word, they can Google it.

I had to use a dictionary. And not knowing how to spell the word was no help. I spent an hour in the T’s trying to find “pterodactyl” with no success.

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Can you imagine if it was normal to say goodbye to everyone in the movie theater? “… have a good one.. enjoyed watching the movie with you..”..


I can’t take my dog to the pond because the ducks keep attacking him…
Guess that’s what get for buying a pure bread dog.


[first day on a new job]

Me: I’ll admit. I’m a workaholic. I tend to bring my work home with me.

Zoo keeper: Put down the penguin.


I paid $5.99 for The Interview. I now want North Korea to kill me.


I plan to scary-haunt anyone who says “she wouldn’t want us to be sad” at my funeral. If you’re not sad that I’m gone forever you deserve it


They say all dogs eventually look like their owners……..that’s unfortunate for your dog


Old people always be like “wow you’ve put on some weight since I last saw you” in front of everybody.


I like to say “Have a great day” before the cashier has a chance to. Power move.