Me: first, I wish for you to not judge me

Genie: okay

Me: second, I wish Disney would make another Tarzan sequel

Genie: k…

Me: third, I wish we were at McDonald’s


Me: we’ll have 2 Tarzan Banana McFlurrys please 🙂

Genie: *trying so hard to not look pissed*

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I broke into your house and slept under your bed all night to protect you from the perverts out there.


Canadian Tinder users are 56% male, 44% female and 33% holding a fresh trout


My son was at his blacksmithing camp yesterday. He came home with a knife “forged in the dark of an eclipse.”

I am so proud.


My milkshake won’t bring the boys to the yard but I’m betting my free wifi will.


ignored emails coming back to bite me call that “night of the unread”


[googles “camaflage spiders”]

-no results-



[googles “camouflage spiders”]

-11,345,453 results-



I’m enjoying a run through the sprinkler, but everyone else “smells smoke” and “thinks we should leave the conference room”


“Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man” he hummed to himself while ironing his sleeveless tuxedo T-shirt.


The most frustrating thing I’ve ever tried to do was throw away a trash can.