That’s it. The next time a relative asks me if I have a boyfriend, I’m going to say “no, I’m just sleeping around”.

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Bartender: What can I get you?

Me: Sex, beards, rock & roll?


Me: Sparkling vampire crazy about me?


Me: Beer.


A “clear memory” button, but for my brain.

And while we’re at it, a “delete cookies” button, but for my thighs.


true friends will unglue your lips from your leg when DIY waxing goes terribly wrong


They say you shouldn’t drive distracted…

that’s why I make my kids run along side the car.


8yo: …
6yo: …
8yo: …
6yo: …
8yo: …
6yo: …
8yo: ….Punches 6yo in the face.
Me: Woah,what the hell was that for?
8yo: He knows.


[steps off crosstrainer]
“Hey girl [out of breath, hands on knee] you like f-fitness? Cos I’m fitn–”
“Shall I call an ambulance?”


Son: Dad, is cousin Billy a mosquito?
Me: In Alabama?
S: Yeah.
M: Of course not. Why do you ask?
S: Mom said he was the product of insects.


*First date*

Him: I just want someone to say to me I love you and really mean it someday!

Me: I love you and really mean it someday..


Me: there’s no pleasing some people