Whatever, low battery indicator. You’re not the boss of

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My master plan is to forget sunglasses at every location in the world so wherever I am I’ll always have sunglasses.


Why DOES “February” have that extra R? It should just be “Februay.”


OMG, he’s almost here.
How’s my hair?
My clothes?
How do I look?

(knock, knock)

He’s here!!!!
I’m so excited!

*My pizza delivery guy.


“I’d like you to meet my half sister.”

“Different fathers?”

“Shark attack.”


Dude’s trunk just popped open in front of me on the expressway ramp. I instinctively looked to see if any of you were in there.


“This shirt that the team was wearing smells disgusting. I need to find an appropriate state to name it after.”

-Inventor of the jersey


The cashier wasn’t impressed with my top hat, sash, and monocle until I said “Keep the change” from the $1 I gave him for my $0.95 purchase.


Cop: *searching my car*

Me: *trying to swallow a Nickelback cd*


God I hate kids.

And people.

And animals.

And sardines.

And stuff that’s alive.

And stuff that’s dead.

I hate stuff.

I like cheese.


If you ever see me wearing anything fur lined or faux fur, please punch the person I’m with in the face. I’ve been kidnapped & need saved!!