Oh great. I forgot to pack an apple in my lunch and now there’s doctors EVERYWHERE.

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I just finished cleaning the house for Thanksgiving, so if you’re looking for my family they’ll be in the backyard until Thursday.


Step down to the next rung of our ever-lowering journalistic standards.


3-year-old: I need a scarf.

Me: No, you don’t.

3: To tie up bad guys.

She needs a scarf.


[Going to Starbucks for the first time]

*Ok be calm and ask for a Tall Latte as practised*

[a little later]

‘Hi can I have Lall Tatte?’


I used to wonder what it’d be like to read other people’s minds.
Then I got a Twitter account, and I’m over it.


For sale: $300 King size mattress & box spring, 6 mo old, Never had sex on it, not even once. IDK ask her.


Job interviewer: What are your strengths?

Me: Is the next question going to be about weaknesses?

JI: Yes.

Me: I’m very perceptive.


“There’s nothing wrong with being single.”


“I’ve got plenty of time.”


“I’m not lonely.”

Sir, are you going to buy anything?


me [to snail on ceiling]: ah ure a cute lil guy how’d u get up there?
snail: I just want to die pls why do I have to be so sticky


Me: Want to see me do The Robot?
Friend: Sure.
Friend: Why aren’t you moving?
Me: Updating software.