People who call themselves “grammar Nazis” deserve the worst possible sentence.

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DATE: Tell me about yourself
ME: I own 7 pens!
D: I meant, like, something personal
M:*Sadly* I lie about how many pens I own to impress ppl


PRESIDENT OBAMA: I pardon this turkey-

TURKEY: Nope. I’m ready. 2016 was a shit show. Kill me now


we talk a lot of shit about men but without them we wouldn’t have forensic files, 48 hours, dateline, some 20/20s, serial, on the case with paula zahn, cold case, my favorite murder, making a murderer, homicide hunter,


DARTH VADER: I am your father

LUKE: Buy me some jeans then

DV: *reluctantly hands over money* …You better actually buy jeans with this


crossbreed every type of dog until all you’re left with is an everything beagle


All my mom’s plants die from being overwatered and that’s all you need to know about my childhood and why I’m like this.


you haven’t truly known fear until a long-forgotten furby in the back of your bedroom closet starts screaming in an australian accent at 3am


Hell hath no fury like a woman who ALREADY TOLD YOU WHERE THE SCISSORS ARE