“YOU WANNA TAKE THIS OUTSIDE?” – guy that just got a new kite for his birthday

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Back to Future II is so unrealistic not a single person takes a selfie or gets bullied on the internet


The internet is amazing, especially for when you really want to fight with strangers about politics or snack choices.


me: babe get your finger measured

her: [hopeful] is it for what i think it is?

me: [ordering custom puppets] you’ll see


Your honor let the records indicate my client was upsexy

Judge: what’s upsexy?

[lawyer whispers to defendant] quick, this is your chance


Hold on, you guys. Turns out the person with bad opinions is extremely attractive. I’m on their side now.


Me, excited: Are we gonna go in the Mosh Pet!

-You mean the mosh PIT, right?

Me, sad: *Furtively puts my dog grooming kit away*


Religion has been soaked in blood like the Parle-G biscuit that breaks off and settles at the bottom of your cup.


My attempt to impress her with the tale of how I’d managed to fend off a hangry bear on a camping trip was ruined when AC decided I’d fired a warning ‘shit’, instead.

Now she thinks I’m both a coward and not to be trusted on her furniture.