Contemplating the merits of the Oxford comma as I head down to Florida to see my parents, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio

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You call it armed robbery, I call it people giving me gifts to celebrate my new gun!


BF went to text me “almost there”
It came out “almost dead”
So hungover, I wrote back “thank god”
And now he arrived and things are awkward


No son, you can’t go out with your friends. Tonight we’re installing Windows Updates, as a family.


The problem with the exclamation point & question mark being side by side on a keyboard:
I’m so sorry your grandma died?
I love you?


Doc: The good news is this is a surprise birthday party!
Patient: But my birthday’s not till next month
Doc:Which brings me to the bad news


[Giraffe Weatherman]
“Yes Bob, we have a major blizzard happening up here but
*giraffe lowers head*
on the ground we’re still looking good.”


Just like Hitler with the tiny mustache, Kim Jong-Un is ruining that haircut for everyone else.


No, I don’t wish to see “offensive replies”

what is this, a family reunion?!