I put my fake Christmas tree up in record time

then compulsively fluff it for a month.

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Santa Clause slides down the chimney of his cabin. He turns to Mrs. Clause

“The hell is that?”
I had a door installed
“The hell is a door?”


Dating tip:
Walk up to a girl in a club, smile, look into her eyes, take her hand and walk away. If she wants her hand back, she’ll find you


Let us pray for my Facebook friend who not only has a headache, but her bus is running a bit late too.


“The Sun is dying. We need help” the scientists are speechless. Cool Dad kicks in the door & removes his shades “It’s daylight savings time”


I put “the rap” in therapy.

Yo, yo.
Emotional baggage, bitter like cabbage. Rollin up the green like a Hulked out savage. Burger, Inc.


If you think being a vegetarian will make you thin, I direct your attention to cows.


Told my 10 y/o daughter that even though I got a big promotion at work my most important job is still just being her dad and she said, “that’s nice” and asked me to get her a glass of water.


Are you alone? Afraid? Lonely? Then you’d better turn up the TV because I just heard a noise


How depressed are you on a scale from 1 to “regularly visits song lyrics websites”?


If you know shes had a bad day just ask her how she is doing. Then when shes talking you can think of a good tweet that makes fun of her day