There wasn’t WiFi in the days of Julius or Augustus Caesar. Back then gladiators scrolling Twitter would routinely have to pay Roman charges.

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Now I’m no fresh daisy, I’ve been around the block, but what is kissing


Yesterday I overheard my little niece saying to herself, “I can’t have that job when I grow up because I want to be a mummy and have children.” I set my phone aside for a serious talk about how she could do any job she wanted AND have children. Friends, the job was nun.


I hate it when pretentious people try to use big words to make themselves appear photosynthesis.


*Interrogation Room*

Detective: We know you took the teeth and the dental records.


Detective: Look, I’m just trying to do my job here.

Tooth Fairy: So am I!


*Writes a song for you*

*Sings it under your bedroom window*

*You call the cops*

*Your husband falls in love with me*


Me: *ziplines into wedding* “Sup nerds?” *pants get caught and tear off leaving me dangling naked upside down*
Priest: “Ooh a piñata!”


Elon Musk & Grimes agreed to split custody of X Æ A-12 equally so somewhere a judge is trying to calculate X ÆA-12➗2


“Where is the pooping bathroom?” I casually ask the hostess at the holiday party I’ll never be invited to again.


mom: Why are your eyes red? Are you high!?
[flashback to me cry-singing Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” in the car on the way over]
me: Yes