i lost so much hair in the shower i thought Chewbacca had joined me

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If everything happens for a reason, explain Windows update.


Baby showers are so weird.

It’s like “hey, congrats on having a functional reproductive system”.


*writing suicide letter

Goodbye cruel world. Your going to really miss me when I’m gone…

Cat: *you’re


RPGs are all “you don’t meet the level requirement to equip this” When in real life the only thing stopping me from wielding this halberd is an extremely agitated museum guide, and I’m pretty sure I can take him


Beth on Facebook “Can’t believe its Monday again already”… if only there were some way for her to calculate the order in which days occur.


*Weather changes*
BODY: This is weird. Must have an asthma attack.
*Anything else changes*
MIND: This is weird. Must have a panic attack.


At my funeral, I want them to play “Thriller” and have someone that looks like me climb out of a casket, dancing.

(wins at death)


ME: did it hurt
GIRL AT BAR: did wat hurt
ME: when ur hopes of having a nice uninterupted night out got crushed bc i started talking to u


Guys, women can spot another woman at 10 paces and tell you if she’s wearing 5″ or 6″ heels. She knows exactly what, 6″+ looks like.