Listen son, you know how you find an awesome song & you listen to it over and over again until you hate it? Well, I’m leaving your mother.

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i hate when i’m 20 minutes into my run on the treadmill and i look down and the timer says 43 seconds


I don’t think my Uber passengers understand how hard it is to do pretzels in a parking lot, but I can tell they’re having a good time by their screams.


Things are getting serious with my new boyfriend. Neither of us have slept with anyone else in eleven months (we met last week)


Hey everybody, I just finished the 30 day yoga challenge and it was easier than I expected. In fact, I bet I could go another 30 days without doing yoga.


Due to inflation they will now be known as Maroon 6, Sum 47 and 103 Degrees, respectively


No matter what meal it is, always say you had “brunch” so people know how much better than them you are.


Just realized the laundry detergent has been in the refrigerator for 3 days, in case you’re looking for a business manager.


My daughter has fallen in with the wrong crowd at school and likes country music now.