RIDDLER: how’d you find my hideout?
BATMAN: a little birdie told me *winks*
SMALL BIRD MAN: *lands on his shoulder* please use my full name

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So my dog’s pregnant & she’s never been in contact with another dog & I’m having a lot of accusations thrown my way.


*crawls out of your television and tries to kill you* I’m not like other girls.


The only reason I watch political speeches is cause I’m hoping there’s gonna be a sniper.


Me: I killed another one, boss.
Mob boss: You don’t work for me.
Me: I volunteered.
Mob boss:*Looking angry*
Me: I’m gonna get back to work.


“We just want to find someone who will-”

*sly grin* -Finish our sentences?


-death row inmates


Um, doctor? This degree on your wall is from Whatsamatta U. I don’t think that’s a…

Doctor: *looking at x-rays* MY GOD! YOU HAVE NO SKIN!


After we got the divorce she let me have everything. Except the jewelry, and of course something to keep it in. I call it “the house”..


Deck the halls. Kick the windows. Strike the doors. Pummel the chandeliers. Clog the toilets. You will defeat this house.


I think we can all agree if the ancient Egyptians had twitter there would be no pyramids.


1) put on a movie
2) don’t watch it
3) read a book
4) every time something happens ask what happened